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The Real New World Order : intifada?

As I await Mubarak’s address to his nation and what looks like the end of the protests in Tahrir square, I think back at the effects of the last 2 weeks. My emotional reaction to the Egyptian revolution over the last few weeks was one I felt I had to comment on.  Not my reaction itself, as I was sure to be stirred up by it but the intensity of empathy and excitement I felt for the Egyptian people.

On watching the news coverage last weekend I found myself welling up with tears of hope and sadness.  Sadness because I had seen images of the past week that saddened me considerably.  Images of people dying are of course never easy to deal with on any level be it emotional, spiritual or political.  Others are seriously injured, or prepared to take the risk of being.  They’re in it, until the end, which in the latest news updates today looks like it might be soon.  Such a display of resilience and communal effort reignited my already feverish determination to play an active role in our world.   I watch these courageous people and hope that the rest of the world, particularly the West, can see this display of courage and unity, and then reflect for a moment about what this is able to achieve.    People can make a difference, contrary to the opinion of the masses that for the most part believe that people have no power, that we are helpless.  Well, right now there are people who are, contrary to our usual defeatist idea, sacrificing their lives for their belief.  Their belief that they can make a change and have the right to a decent standard of living for themselves their children, their grandchildren and hopefully that the change they make can be implemented and last until their great-grandchildren’s generation.

My feeling of hope and excitement as I watched the footage only marginally echoed theirs.  It signals a new era of hope for them and the rest of the world.  Hope that this act of revolt and reclamation was the start of a new world order.  Not the 2012 doomsday version that everyone has been rattling on about, but an era of change and positivity that would benefit the people.  It looks like we can turn it around.  The start of a real democracy, driven by people.  After all, the origin of the word does mean exactly that; ‘demos – the people’ kratia ‘power, rule’.  We have a say in our own world and how we live.  Not the subtly prescribed democracy that the US has been trying to shove down other countries throats.  Their democracy reeks of a new form of Imperialism.  A new empire ruled not by force but by “election”.    Which gives us great freedom you know.  We are so free.  To choose whom we want to choose for President or Prime Minister.   We are free to choose to have our freedom taken away from us.  And choose we do!  Democracy that reveals itself to oppose what it actually stands for.  The people of the West are starting to look at the policies of the East and see that we no as far apart as we have been made to believe.  Even more so with the skin that covers our so-called freedoms rapidly shedding away from the policies they envelope.